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About Us

We are a glocal integrated creative agency.

We do it all. And we do it in-house.

We were founded by Abdullatif Alsayegh, an Emirati media pioneer in 2010. We are now over 200 strong and present across 4 strategic locations.

We have been privileged to work with some of the most iconic brands, prestigious government and semi-government institutions, and organizations.

Our Team


'Local' is
an emotion

Being locally-owned, we are proud of how the spirit of the land is captured in the way we think and work. Our people are from all over the world and led by Abdullatif, we think local at heart and approach challenges with both a global and local mindset. Our work, driven by insights, packs a punch.

Simple is beautiful

Often we find that in simplicity lies the most effective solutions. But simplicity doesn't mean sacrificing nuances. A lot can be captured and conveyed through simple yet smart and unconventional solutions. We believe in keeping it simple, but significant.

We go the distance.
In your shoes.

You never know someone unless you've walked in their shoes. Our passion drives us to dive in, investigate and feed our curiosity to better understand our clients. Our flexibility allows us to transform ourselves to take on any form that the challenge demands. Because being good partners means knowing you at least as well as you know yourself. It means doing whatever it takes to get the job done.


We believe that a good story has the power to change behaviour. And the world. But what if there is no story? We work with our clients to create stories. Stories that evoke emotions. Unique narratives carefully crafted and brought to life in the right environment.